The Quest/Process

Step 1:  Divide into groups of THREE in order to research ONE of the four species. Each group should research a different animal so we can learn about all four animals. Your teacher may assign an animal to your group to be sure that all animals are covered.

Step 2:  Once you have divided into your groups you will each have a different job within the group.  Choose one of these jobs in order to focus your research and to determine what the Zoo will need to do to create a habitat for the new animal.                

Step 3: Final Product

Now you are ready to get started on your quest!  Click on the animal that you are researching and use the provided links to get the information that you need.  Remember to take notes as you find answers to your questions above.  Of course, you can share more exciting facts that you think might be helpful as well.

  Gorilla Experts       Penguin Experts       Caiman Experts      Panda Experts