The Final Product

When you are finished with your research, you will prepare a PowerPoint presentation.  In your presentation you should tell your classmates all about the interesting characteristics and habits of your animal.  You should also tell the Zoo what changes need to be made to accommodate the animal that you studied. Your group might also decide that the Zoo is not a good place for this animal.  Please explain the reasons for your decision in your presentation.

To see if you need practice with PowerPoint, please take this self-assessment.  Print out your checklist when you are done.  You may need to finish it later.  If you have any areas not checked, go to the PowerPoint tutorial included in this WebQuest.  You may want to work with a partner.

This worksheet includes a few question about each group's animal and their opinions about it's addition to the Zoo. Please print one for everyone in your group before the presentation and complete each animal's section immediately after the corresponding animal's presentation.