Print this sheet then follow directions.

Name of City:  ________________________        Student Name:  ______________________

Fill in the following with your findings:  (Note:  Be sure to read the fine print on the city profile.  The figures are based on $50,000 yearly income.  Numbers will need to be adjusted.)

Cost of average home: ________________   Yearly Property Taxes: _________________

Annual State Income Taxes ____________    Annual Local Taxes:  ________________

Electricity ________________

Yearly Tuition or Course Fees at local University:  _________________  (Do not include summer, dorm or other expenses.  Find the cost of classes only.   Also, you may need to navigate within the site a little.  Try looking for a search area and/or admissions.)

Car Insurance from State Farm:  ___________________ 
Use 2 adults and one driver below the age of 18.  The coverage needs to be minimum for 2 cars:  1994 Buick Century and 2000 Dodge Intrepid.  For search purposes, District of Columbia is usually used as the state for Washington, D.C. with Washington as the city.)

Now determine your average monthly costs for each of the categories:

Monthly mortgage:  ___________________  (Remember to Locate the Loan Center first to find the mortgage calculator.)

Monthly Property taxes:  _________________

Monthly Income taxes:  State ___________ + Local _____________ = ______________

Monthly electricity:  ________________

Monthly Tuition:    ________________

Monthly car insurance:  ______________

Your TOTAL monthly expenses are:  ______________________

Create a spreadsheet in Excel for each of the 4 cities and their monthly expenses.  Use at least 2 colors and 2 different fonts.  You must gather the findings from each member of the group to complete this task.  Using this spreadsheet you are to make either a bar graph or a pie graph including the data from the whole family.  Draw a conclusion of where your family should move.

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